ceramic guitar slides - hand made in Glastonbury uk

Family Secret Crackle Glaze technique

3 designs

4 sizes

  • Every single slide has it's own unique, organic patterns of crackle.

  • Designed with optimum weight to thickness ratio for good resonance whilst maintaining agility.

  • High gloss finish produces a smooth quiet glide on the strings.

  • Fired to over 1200c, they are man made stone, making them very strong and durable.

  • Their tone sits nicely between glass and metal slides, warm and bright.

Mentioned in Music Radar - “…we’re betting you’ve never seen any quite like this.” Click here to read the article

“Great sound. I’m used to using brass and this has more character.”
— 5 Star Amazon Review
“Nice well made good looking Slide. Perfectly smooth and fits perfectly too. Not too chunky and lighter than expected.”
— 5 Star Amazon Review
“Just discoered @StarSingerSlide - a UK craftsman who makes the greatest guitar slides I hae ever used. I don’t know what Druids magic he infuses into the ceramic down there in Glastonbury, but these hae finally made a musician out of me 😂 Check them out - you’ll be impressed.”
— BTLX Custom Guitars
“Nice tone, offers something extra from glass and brass. I have fairly chunky hands and the large is a comfortable snug fit on ring finger a bit loose on little finger”
— 5 Star Amazon Review