Star Singer Slides workshop


The slides are made by Dolfinn Ruby Star Singer (yes that's his name, a story for another time perhaps) in a small shed just outside Glastonbury, converted into a cosy little slide making workshop. Over the last seven years Dolfinn has been fine tuning and optimising his slide making process, while learning the complex crackle glazing technique from his father.

Rupert Andrews, Dolfinn's father, accidentally splashed some glaze around and discovered this technique almost 40 years ago and has become well known for his very colourful, psychedelic crackle glaze pottery. The process of which is now a family secret, requiring precision, patience and very specific materials – all of which are sourced from the UK.

Testing the slides

Dolfinn and his dad are both keen guitarists, and love that the crackle glaze can serve a musical purpose.

Star Singer Slides HQ

Star Singer Slides HQ

The Secrets to the technique have been passed on to me his son, Dolfinn. It’s a super precise process and time consuming, but its so worth it to see each piece come out with its own organic patterns.

I’ve been making and ever developing these slides for over 6 years now. I’m so happy with how they play and sound on all types of guitars.

Making Slides

I’ve played guitar since 12 and been writing songs since I was 5 years old. I’ve always been very creative with my guitar playing always wanting to not copy or sound the same as anyone else. I learnt of alternate tunings which gave me a way of writing original pieces and having my own ‘voice’.

One day i thought i’d try and make a slide with dads crackle glaze, so wrapped some clay around a broom handle… I got a very wonky short big thing, but I saw the potential!

Years of trial and fortunately not too much error.. plus amazing support from dad, and I’m making the best slides I’ve ever made now.

Making guitar Slides

“I really like to support independent guitar shops, as I love the people that own and run them, and how their stores always have such character. I also try to be as ecologically conscious as I can, I walk across some fields to the local post office, I try not to use any plastic in the packaging and the whole manufacturing is pretty much zero waste.

I'm so happy with how the slides have evolved over the years, I mean it was a great synchronicity that dads glaze worked at all for slide, let alone brilliantly! At first I was making them pretty clunky and chunky, but now i've fine tuned my processes to get consistently nice finishes and actually feel like i'm making some really useful tools for guitarists, not just nice looking tubes!

While fumbling my way through the myriad challenges and big logistics of running even a small business with no employees, I'm having some expermenting with some wild new colours that I'm well excited about!”